Disability and aged care

Wellcare offers disability care that stands out from the rest. Our unique care homes were developed in collaboration with individuals living with a disability and as such, provide a space where our participants can feel truly at ease.

At Wellcare, we understand that empathy is the most important value in delivering the best care possible to those with diverse needs. We pride ourselves on providing Person Centred care that emphasises the important connection between the participant and carer.

Through our disability and aged care services we offer:

  • Supported independent living (SIL).
  • Short term accommodation and respite.
  • In-home care.

What makes the service delivery unique:

  • Registered nurses: Upon admission to our service, one of our registered nurses will develop a personalised care plan for you in collaboration with your treating health professionals. Our enrolled nurses and disability support workers receive direct supervision from a registered nurse as they care for and manage your needs.
  • Social workers: Our social workers use Psychosocial Assessments to help determine the most appropriate level of care for our participants. They also provide counselling to help you adjust and settle into your new home. Our social work team works alongside registered nurses to develop and review your comprehensive care plan.
  • Enrolled nurses: Our enrolled nurse team helps to ensure the quality and compliance of care under the supervision of registered nurses.
  • Disability support workers: Our team of disability support workers are equipped with nursing, individual, and ageing support experience and qualifications.
  • Accessible homes: Our disability care homes are wheelchair friendly and equipped with lifters, hospital beds, wheelchairs, and other assistance aids.
  • Support ratio according to the needs of the participants.

Additionally, our nursing service includes:

  • Monitoring of vital signs.
  • Medication management including oral, IV and subcutaneous medications.
  • Catheter care management.
  • Bowel care management.
  • Diabetic management.
  • Personal care tasks.
  • Overnight supports.
  • Wound care and management